Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Headache - story of my life

Well, its been a while again. Life has gotten a little better for me. Work still takes up most of my time, but I have a awesome boss, who gives me as many hours as she can. More hours= more money. YAY ME!!!!! Finally have some friends up here, but most of them are coworkers, so it hard to hang out out side of work. Still miss my friends down where I use to leave and now with more hours, I don't really have alot of time to go down there. But I guess that is what Facebook is for, right? :)

Other good news; I have a new guy in my life and he is more than I could ever ask for. He is just perfect for me. We use to date way back in High School, lost touch for 5 years and found each other on facebook. We have been together for 3 wonderful months now and it is just heaven. I have never had a guy that can just get me like he does. I just feel like the first time in my life I am truly happy. It is also great to have someone who is as freaky as I am in bed, too.

Now to the bad; Three weeks, He went to Idaho for job corp. Which I'm very happy he is at least trying to do something in his life, but now we don't really ever talk. Sometimes, it is our schedules and others he is either talking to his mom(not a big deal), or his Ex(BIG DEAL!!!!!!). I don't get why she needs to call him all the time and way he answers her calls. He has even answered her call in the middle of having sex. I was so pissed, I told him he was sleeping alone on the floor. I just don't know if it is me just being very jealous or what. I really don't like it, but I don't really want to say anything to him. I just DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should a review up in a couple of days... Thanks for reading