Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rub my duckie

DO you remember when you were a little taking a bath, what was the one thing you always had to play with? A RUBBER DUCKIE!!!! Now, there is an adult version that can still come with you to the bath. The travel size Paris is NOT A VIBRATOR, but a massager. She is great to work out stress and kinks in your neck, back, arms and legs. The packaging does indicate that you can use her as an external intimate massager, ONLY. She is waterproof; so pools, bathtub, and hot tubs are OK. Be prepared for her to go bottoms up (she is bottom heavy).

The rubber duckie by Big Teaze Toys, is a great toy for a beginner or just about anyone who wants a cute massager for those muscles pains you get. For sexual pleasure, she is a good clit massager. Because she is waterproof, she is fun in a bubble bath after a stressful day or if u just want to have fun in the tube. You can use her solo or with a partner; she is not picky on who plays with her.

Paris is made of a smooth metallic pink plastic; so she does have a bit of as plastic smell, which is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and phthalate- free and latex free. She has a length of 5 1/2” and only weighs 12 oz. So, she is pretty light. She has a simple, removable feather boa, which can be used as a tickler, but just remember to remove it before putting her in the water. She also has a Swarovski crystal on her beak. I have had this toy for a while and it has not fallen off, so don’t really worry.

With her discreet travel size, you could leave her on the side of the tub, and everyone would believe it was just an ordinary rubber duck. The part of her design that I have a problem with was the battery cover. You will need to either have a penny close or something flat to get it open. When I first received this toy, I tried to use my finger nails and I broke two before I tried something else. The on/off switch is very easy to use; you just twist in the direction that is embossed by the switch. Both the batteries cover and on/off switch are located on the bottom of the duck.

The vibration can be felt throughout the Paris Duckie, but can be felt the strongest, to me, in her head. She only has one speed, which I would have to say is a medium. The duckie takes one AAA battery. It is easy to put the battery in, but you have to smack it on the palm of your head. The packaging states that this toy is quiet, but, she is very loud. I tested loudness by have the bathroom sink water running and the living room TV turn up, and my mom said you can still hear it. To keep her clean, all you will need to do is wash her with warm water and antibacterial soap or you can wipe her down with isopropyl alcohol. Because she is made of plastic, you can keep her where ever you want and not have to worry about dust/air particles collecting on her.  When using lubricant stick to water base.

The packaging kind of reminds of a purse. It is clear plastic, with black and pink writing on the front and the back. It has a cute little silk string to hang on to when carrying it around. To get the duck out of the packaging you will have to remove the tape from both sides of the box and then simply slip the bottom off. When u first get your toy, she is attached to a black plastic platform by a twist tie. The packaging is great for a storage, and as for a gift box, it is perfect; just attach a bow to the top and you are all good.

I, personal, did not like her as an intimate massager. I wish she had more than one speed, and was quieter, like the packaging had said. Now, for swore muscles, this is great. There have been many mornings that I need to use her on my neck. After five minutes, the pain was GONE, which was so nice.

This is a great gift for lovers, a bachelorette party, or as a honeymoon surprise.

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