Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Orgasm in a Box review

Orgasm in a box for her is one of the best kits I have ever received. With this kit there is no need to buy or find anything. You get the Babeland silver bullet, bunny tickler sleeve, two BabeLube lubettes, and 2 AA batteries. What more could you ask for? How about saving $10 when you buy them as a kit!!

The Babeland silver bullet is made of black hard plastic. The cord is about 36 inches long, and the control box is 2-1/4" x 1". It has the Babeland logo and website on the top. To control the bullet, you use the scroll the heart up and down. To shut it off, you just need to scroll the heart all the way to the top. The vibrations go from low to high, and the vibrations are very strong when you go all the way to high. The batteries are very easy to put in the case. On the back, you push lightly and slide open wards. After it is opened, there is a diagram that tells you which way the way the batteries go. To shut, you push down lightly, and slide it down, pretty simple right. Cleaning the bullet is simple; just use mild soap and water.
To help you enjoy the silver bullet, you get a Bunny tickler, and sadly it only comes in one color, purple. This little hopper is made of Elastomer, also called TPE. This material is porous and can not be disinfected. Elastomer is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, soft, durable, and is a safer form of rubber. The bunny is 1-3/4" around, fits about ¾’s of the down the silver bullet. Don’t get me wrong, the silver bullet is great all by itself, but adding this bunny is just the icing on the cake. The ears are long enough for great clitoral stimulation. For the cleaning part of this sleeve, it is the same as the bullet, mild soap and warm water.

For the last two pieces of this kit is the lube and batteries. With this lube, a little goes a long way at least that was the case for me. You will get 2 packages of this lube. This lube is glycerin-free, non-staining, and gluten-free. It has minimal taste and odor, and GREAT for sensitive skin. This lube is great for vaginal and anal penetration. You can use this lube for any sex toy, because it is water based. You also will get two AA batteries. Which is really nice having to try to find some around or going to have buy some, just to even try the kit out for the first time.

Now in the beginning I said something about $10 when you buy it as a kit. This kit costs a total of $18 (not with shipping cost), which is a GREAT DEAL!! Now if you were to just buy the bullet and the tickler, you would be spending $25 (not with shipping cost). This has to be one of the best kits to be provided for women; quality, the amount of item received, and performance wise. I had no real issues with this kit at all. I guess my only issue is there are not enough hours in the day to use this baby.

Privaded for review by Babeland