Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daddy from the 'nati is no daddy

The daddy from the 'nati by Pure Romance is a 4" length, jelly, dual-action vibrator with a rabbit bullet attached. Because he is a dual-action, he will stimulate the vagina and clitous. He is great for beginners. He lets you try something new, because not all women no what they like, and what feels good to them (from a toy). The daddy is great for when you are in the mood and no man is around or when he isn't in the mood... like that ever happens, right?

This machinical man has a very clean smell to him. Which awesome; some jelly toys have a platic, rubber smell. He is a little sticky, but it seems that all jelly toys have a tacky feel to them. The texture does add a little some some. He has a realistic head and has small bumps below the head.

The design is great. The head looks so real, and so does the rabbit. The only thing that is a little weird is the FACE below the head...... CREEPY!!!He is 4" in length and is 5" in girth ( i believe that is the measurement from the tip to where the controls is). He has a impressively sized shaft, and IT BENDS!!!!!!! Daddy's shape is awesome. The shaft looks so real and the bunny is so CUTE!!!

Because of the size of the daddy, he isn't easily able to be hidden. If you have a toy bag or box that will help. If you don't own one, you may want to buy for this guy. For traveling, he may not be the best to take with you, if you are going on a plane. If you are just going a road trip, then you might be ok. But then again, you will never know if you don't try, right?

The function is ok. I mean, his very simple to operate, and the controls are easy to figure out. I guess he is just not for me anymore. He was great in the beginning, but then i just got tired, i guess. The rabbit is the only place with the vibration, which is in his body. The shaft does move in a circle montion. The noise level is pretty low, but at times he does seem to get really loud.

The controls are attached at the bottom of the whole vibrator. Daddy takes 3AA batteries and has two seperate slider like bottons for the rabbit and the shaft. I love that feature; you don't have to use both at the same time, have them at different speeds, or use both, if you like. There is no label for the speeds. You just have a solid circle for off, and little dash marks going up to a empty circle for high. You just slide the botton up and down for what you like.

Daddy is very easy to clean; you use a toy cleaner. Remove the 3AA batteries and then follow the instructions on the bottle. You can also use anti-bacterial soap and warm water, but you have to be EXETREMELY CAREFUL not to get the controls wet. I have never used a lube with the daddy from the 'nati, so i don't know. I guess one that is compitable with jelly.