Thursday, May 6, 2010

There’s no breeze about this bullet

<---- This beautiful toy is the 5" breeze power bullet by BMS products is a slim, black, waterproof vibrating massager. This is one of the best little black, waterproof vibrators i have ever been able to find with limited budget. This fine product is about 5" long and about 1" around, and it fits smoothly in you the palm of your hand. You can almost, but not suggesting, store it a candy wrapper. The vibration for this black beauty is located at the very tip, which is OK. He only takes 2AAA batteries and they last pretty long as long as you remember to take them out when not using.

The breeze is for vaginal stimulation, but is not limited to just that area. You can use it for clitoral stimulation. When using externally, you want to move this little man around in circles and do a little thrusting to receive more simulations. Add a little rubber compatible lube to this to get more pleasure. If use vaginally, you can even pair it up with a clitoral stimulator, in a way, hitting two birds with one stone of pleasure.

But because the small size, this would be get for you beginners out there. This would be like the training wheels to the novelty world, so to speak. With this toy as your first, you can calculate what you like for size, function, and texture. Don't think that I'm leaving the veterans out here. There is no reason for not going back to the basics and spicing the love with some old tricks.

One of my main questions is whenever i get a new little buddy is, does it have a smell to it? Well, i have some good news, NO SMELL!!!! For the most part it smells clean, which I LOVE! The texture of this power bullet is amazing, especially when rubbed against the inner walls. This toy has a very smooth, soft shaft, and a velvety texture to it.

Now for the functions and controls. They are both very easy to control and understand. This toy has a single button you push to go through the different speeds; low, medium, and high. Low and medium tickle me for the most part, and high, took me high. The controls are a little disappointing, though. To operate this toy, you push once to turn on, push 3 separate times to go through the speeds, and after the high speed, he will just shut off, and you will have to push again to turn again. So you can't really play with the different speeds too well.

The noisy level is pretty low, until you turn on high. When I first got it, I called my boyfriend and mute my TV. I asked him to tell me if he could a vibration noise, and i held it on the other side of my face. he said no till I turn on high, then he said he could hear it loud and clear. In a way now, after I did it, I don't think that such a good way to test, but it was the best i could think of at the time.

One of the best things about this breeze is that it was my first waterproof toy. So i was really scared and really don't, still to this day now, how far the waterproof goes, because I'm too scared to try, with the scare of it braking on me. But don't fear, This baby will work in the shower, but the bath tube, I don't know.

The care and maintain is pretty simple. You should use a toy cleaner before and after use. The toy cleaner will have instructions on all the steps you will need to take. For storage, you can either leave in packaging, put a toy bag, or a toy box. Don't forget to take out the 2AAA batteries when not in use and when cleaning.

My personal opinion of the breeze is that is for people that are new to the world and want to try something for the first time. I don't think that someone that has been doing this a long time may enjoy this, but what the hell do I know, right?


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