Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not a review. i just need to vent

There has been in a question in my head for the past few months; what if this is my last day alive? And I know that is a weird question to have and stuff, but lately it seems to just come over me like a shock wave of emotions. I have been crying for about an hour or so now. I just feel like i should be trying hard at everything, but its like what is the point; you're just going to die someday, why not make it now.

Ok, I know that sounds suicidal, but I'm not, i promise. I have been good for a few years now. I lost count after 2 years.... lol.. I just wish life was a little better. But i don't know what do; while I guess how to get everything better.

Sorry for venting everyone. I just needed to get these thoughts out of my head before i cried myself to death.


Splendwhore said...

I can relate to those feelings. There were many times in my life I've felt the exact same way. You're not alone though. You have people who love you. Sometimes venting about it is enough. Sometimes it's not. I just wanted you to know that I do care, and I am here, if and when you need me.

deadpoet said...

thank you sweetie. You and sam have always been there for me and im so greatful to have friends like you guys. love you both