Sunday, November 14, 2010

One time use: Tenga egg review

Have you ever just wanted something you can use once and toss? Well then Tenga eggs are just what you looking for. Tenga has a verity of textures for you to choose from, and you can even buy them by the half dozen or just one. This review will be on one that I loved to use on my partner called Silky. This Silky egg is made of clear, non-porous, hypo-allergenic TPE, and is 2 inches in length and can fit up to 3 inches. It does have a little of a plastic smell it, when you first open it. The outside of the sleeve is very smooth and feels velvety, and inside is where all the texture is located and is very sticky and has like an alcohol smell, to me. One really unexacting thing, for me, was that you receive a pack of lotion, not lube with your egg, which is tucked in to a plastic insert in the egg and is special made to work with the egg. The packaging says ‘Easy Ona-cap Egg Tenga’, but unless you can read Japanese, you can’t really know what is in it, and I tried to find the ingredients of the lotion, but had no luck. When I finally found some information on the Tenga, which states: “The special unscented formulation makes this the ultimate lubricating lotion for hours of sexual fun because it is clear, smooth and light to the touch.” This website says you can put the little package in the fridge for a cooler sensation, or into a pot of hot water to heat it up; you just need to be careful not to leave it in the water too long or you will burn yourself. OK girls, don’t just think this is just for your man; you can flip it inside out and can add great texture for your Hitachi, Magic Wand, Acuvibe, or Mystic Wand. I don’t own any of those toys listed, so I’m sorry that I don’t have anything to say about how they work out with them. For the clean up, you really don’t have to anything, you can just toss it away, but if you want to, you can clean it with warm water and mild anti-bacterial soap, or wipe it with toy cleaner. If you ever run out of the lotion lube that comes with it, you can use a water based lube and keep playing. You don’t have to worry about storage so much, because your egg comes in its own egg shaped container, and you can just slip it in your purse, bag, and for men, your briefcase, and can be use anywhere if you are gutsy. Over all I loved this toy and so did the boyfriend. He loved how small and discreet this toy is. He would love to try the other textures Tenga eggs have out there. He really loved the lotion lube. He loved how it really didn’t feel like a lube, but more of a lotion. I believe every man and women should have or at least try each texture.

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