Thursday, August 12, 2010

I never thought Degrassi would make me cry

Degrassi is a teenage drama on teen nick, and I never thought it would ever hit home for me. There was a two part episode about a boy named Adam, who is also a girl named Gracie. He is a FTM Transgender, and he goes through so much stuff when people found out. His two close friends were really cool about it, but not everyone else. He thorwn through a door, threatened by students. So, he tries to be Gracie, and still has problems.

I know it is a TV show, but there are students out there that are having the same issues right now. My best friend is a FTM transgender, and I would have hated if any of the things that happened to Adam, happened to him. In a way, I'm glad he waited to show it. I love him for being truthful to me and will always be there for him and his girlfriend. :)


Mikey said...

Thats cuz DEGRASSI is the shit haha, i f'ing love that show. Its amazing. Love ya deadpoet.. Its Mikey!