Sunday, August 15, 2010

Erotic Dice review

Have you ever wondered what your lover would do for you, without having to say anything? Well then you should purchase these Erotic dice from Eden Fantasys, and see what comes up. You will receive two dice; a black die with different actions, and a red die with different body parts. The dice are made of plastic, and you can see the seam lines and feel them. The object of the using these dice is to roll and perform what the say. For example, you rolled a lick lips, and then you lick your partners lips. Then your partner will roll and do what it does. My experience with this product was great. My boyfriend and I had fun for hours just rolling the dice and performing what they said. The funniest thing I rolled to blow my boyfriends toes. We actually sat for a few minutes to figure out what the hell I was suppose to do. So, I just blew air on his toe, and he just laughed. I just didn't know what I was to do. These dice are a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, valentines day, or a bachelorette party. Are even perfect for the type of couples that love to play romantic games.

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Adult game by Lady Calston

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