Thursday, July 8, 2010

coochy protection: review

Coochy After Shave Protection Mist is the perfect compliment to the Coochy Shave experience! A silky-smooth after shave mist forms a protective barrier between skin and clothing as it moisturizes and shields newly shaved skin. Pure botanical extracts provide a naturally fresh fragrance, while their soothing properties soften skin and tighten pores. Coochy protection is a clear water based mist with a fresh fragrance. To me, its smells like pine needles, which is nice. It comes in a clear recycle 4 oz. bottle. The ingredients are a lot of plant and fruit extracts, which are good for the skin. to use the product, you remove the plastic cap, hold the bottle about 4 to 6 inches away from the shaved area and spray. The sprayer goes 360 degrees around, and it only take one spray under the arms and two on each leg for me. The mist feels like a lotion on the skin, and it stays on the skin, so no mess. Men can this product after they shave to reduce razor burn on there face. My experience with Coochy products has been great, I love them. So, when I received the shave protection, I was ecstatic. The first time I used this product, it felt great on my skin. I felt smooth and clean. The next few times I used coochy protection, It burned on my newly shaved legs. Then I noticed that I had cut myself, and it burned for only a few seconds. With this information, I don't know if it is just me, but all I know is that it hurt really bad. If you cut your self shaving and use this product, I recommend either being careful or just skip using coochy protection this time around. I recommend Coochy shaving protection mist for man and woman out there. It is inexpensive and doesn't take a lot to cover an area. Combining the shave protection with the coochy shaving creme, you will be in business. Enjoy!

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