Thursday, July 8, 2010

Club Vibe review

Club vibe is a small bullet in which you place in your underwear. Club vibe is by OhMiBod, and is one the best vibrating panty sets I have ever used. The bullet itself is metal on the inside with a hard pink plastic on the outside, and her cord is about 2 1/2 ft long and is covered in clear rubber. The pink bullet can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol. The remote is pretty amazing. It is all velvet black with hot pink writing for the logo and the control writing. There are two buttons on the top, a circle and an "x". These buttons are for when you have the remote set to manual. One end has one outlet, which is for the bullet, and the other has another outlet for the Ipod splitter and has a volume control. The volume control is really for control the vibration from the bullet. You also get two AAA batteries to go into the remote. To put the batteries in, you push on the back, where the clip is, and place the batteries ind and put the back, back on. Club Vibe has three different modes to use from; Ambient, music, and manual. Ambient is when the bullet vibrates from the sounds in the room, like at a concert, movie, club, or even the sound of your lovers voice. When I first received the Club Vibe, I had my cousin beat box in the speaker and had my mom hold it in her hand. She thought it was the coolest thing she had ever felt in her life. The music mode is pretty simple. She comes with a splitter cord, so you can hook it to your ipod or MP3 player. So you plug in one end into the control box, the other into your ipod or MP3 player and your headphones, then choose you song. Simple, huh? Now, this is one of the reasons I wanted this so badly, and I wasn't disappointed in anyway at all. The only thing that is like frustrating is, with some songs, you have to adjust the vibrator control on the remote. You can even use the splitter cord in your computer, which is really nice for music, movies, or even games. I tried it while playing WOW (World of Warcraft), and every fight, every time I got on my horse or flew, it vibrated.

Now manual has four different modes, and three different speeds. The speeds go from low to medium to really high. The modes are pulsing, rhythm, zooming, and random. To go through the different ones, you push the circle button down. You push the "X" button to stop the one you are on and start from the beginning again. The club vibe comes with a pair of black lace thong. The size is one size fits most, which means to me, fits a girl with a tiny wist. They are 100% cotton, and really cute. I can't really say much else about the underwear, because they don't fit my fat butt (LOL). These are very easy to clean, you can just throw them in with you normal load of laundry. What is really cool about the Club Vibe is, it comes with its own storage bag. The bag isn't really big; its 5" long and 4" wide, which is just big enough for the bullet and all the parts. The bag is made of black velvet fabric, has pull strings, and has "OhMiBod" stitched on one side. The bag is really nice if you take it with you on a trip.

I recommend this bullet for the party girls out there. This will be your best friend on the dance floor. Its great for the non-party people, too. You can wear it to the movies or a concert. If the underwear happen not to fit you, its OK, the bullet will stay in place.

product picture

Vibrating panty by OhMiBod

Material: Plastic / Cotton





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