Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Condoms

For my birthday I received One Condoms. To be fair, I never heard of the company and I haven't used any yet. Really haven't had the chance to. SAD :(

One condoms breaks out from the normal condoms, with unique styles and designs on the each wrapper. When you get One, they are not in a cardboard box, you get a stylish tin case with the word ONE embossed on it.

The ONE condoms I received was the premium pleasure pack, which comes with 4 576 sensations, 4 pleasure plus, 4 zero, and 4 glowing pleasure.

576 sensation is studded on the outside for your partners pleasure. They excite and stimulate like no other condom out there.

The Pleasure Plus features a roomy pouch with fine, internal ribs. During sex, the pouch moves back and forth, gently stimulating both partners. The pouch's action restores the sensational feeling of sex without a condom.

Zero is 25% thinner than our standard condoms, more natural, ultra-purified latex with premium lubricant for gliding comfort, and is individually electronically tested for safety and reliability.

Glowing pleasure is technologically advanced, non-toxic phosphorous pigment between two thin layers of latex. In order for it to glow, you need to expose it to light for 30 seconds, and you can do this while it is still in the wrapper, when you are putting it on, or after it is already. After exposed, the condom will glow brightly for 15 minutes, and it will have an after glow, which will last for hours. you can recharge the glow while you have it on to make it glow bright again.

I can't wait till I can use these condoms, and give a real review on them.