Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Purple people pleasure

This purple mini vibrator is a jelly, remote controlled with a bullet. This is a little difficult to recommend people, for me, because I've had this product for so long and I don't know the real name of the product. So, I'm really sorry to all my readers.

He has a little rabbit attached, which vibrates along with the purple shaft. He is completely made of jelly which I know some people don't like. His about 5" long and the cord about 1' long. I love toys with remotes, that is one of the biggest reasons I ask my mom for this toy.

On to the remote, which has 10 features; 4 speeds and 6 modes. They are all labeled on the back of the remote. When you turn on the remote, the controller has a red light that will turn on and follow the modes, and then the bullet lights up too.

For me personally, he is too small. I have to have the speed on high or on a certain mode to be able to get off. I mean, it may just be me. My sister owns this toy too, and doesn't seem to have any issues.

The cleaning process is very simple. Just use a toy cleaner and warm water. You just have to remember to unhook the cord, and remove the 2AA batteries after you are done using the toy, just like every other toy out there.