Saturday, February 5, 2011

Naughty Dice

Are you tired of the traditional plastic dice you have? Then invest in Naughty Bedroom Dice from Babeland. They are made of aluminum and are 1sq. inch. Traditional dice are only about ¾ sq. inch and at times come in two different colors. But how to play is the same no matter what. One dice has the body part, such as neck, lips, below waist, etc, and even a "you choose" and the other has actions like, kiss, lick, rub, etc. The words are engraved into each side of both dice, so you don’t have to worry about not being about to read the words. One disadvantage is their weight. They are a little heavier than traditional dice and can be a little harder to roll than the plastic ones. They also have pretty sharp corners, so it would really suck to lay on top on them and if you have wooden side tables, they may scratch the surface of the table. These are a little more in price than the traditional, but I believe it is so worth the price. They will last you a lot longer than the other and bigger so you can see the writing. My personal opinion I like the aluminum dice a lot better than the traditional plastic ones. They just seem like they would last a lot long than the plastic ones and feel better in my hands. My boyfriend really liked them more than the plastic ones, too. "I can roll better than the plastic ones. With the plastic I had to roll them lightly and with these ones I don't have to really worry about that," He says. You don’t have to worry about storage; these beauties come with a black velvet carrying pouch that has draw strings for easy closing. One really cool thing you could is store all your little games in one bag, so you will never have to scrabble to find them. Because they are aluminum, cleaning is a breeze. If you get some lube on them, you can just wash them off with soap and water. I would recommend these dice to all the couples out there how like dice games and want a new set. This set is clean and smooth to the touch, and while, just seem a lot more modern than the plastic ones. Are very easy to clean and come with a bag for storage, which gives them the discreet factor.

Provided by Babeland free for review