Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vibrating Make up Brush Review

Do you love do your make-up, and very discreet toys? Well then this toy is for you. Keep this sex toy in easy reach without anyone knowing your sensual secret. The Vibrating Make up Brush by Pipedream is a soft, usable makeup brush with a naughty mini bullet vibrator handle. You can pick from four different colors; silver tone, gold tone, metallic pink, and metallic purple. The vibrating make up brush made of plastic, which is non-porous and phthalate-free and a nylon brush. This beautiful discreet brush is very small; 3 1/2 in in length, 1 ½ in insertable length with a circumference of 2 in. This mini vibrator comes with 3 G13-A watch batteries, which is included with the toy. To put in the batteries, you just twist to the right, place the batteries negative (-) side down and twist back together. A very simple toy in all ways. The vibration of this toy is located in the tip and you can adjust the speeds by twisting the top half of the brush. The vibration is very strong, and is great for clit stimulation. One bad thing about this toy is that it is not so quiet. So, people will hear you, and that is not a good thing. The nylon brush is usable for applying make up, if you so wish to use it for that purpose, but can be also used for teasing and tickling. For me, personally, I use the brush for make-up, and it may take me long to get ready if I’m in the mood for solo play. To clean this toy, you can easily use anti-bacterial soap and hot water or you can wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol. To store this toy you can keep it in your purse or your make-up bag. You will have no worries of people finding out what it really is, if you even have it laying out on you night side. All in all, the Vibrating Make up Brush is a great mini toy for beginners, and people who love make up. I believe every women out there should have this toy in their collection; great power, very discreet, cute and has multiple functions.

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