Sunday, August 1, 2010

need storage?

There are all these, to me, expansive storage units out there for all your sex toys, or even make-up. Yes, they are nice, yes, some are discreet and have lots of room, but why spend that kind of money on something you may have to up grade to a bigger one later.

I have decided not to buy storage like that; I go to thrift stores and find anything that will work just the same, or even at a local yard sale. They will work just the same as the ones designed for such propose.

I was having a hard time finding storage, and in the beginning I made my own bags for every toy I had and then put them in a drawer. I got sick of making them all the time ( I was also running out of fabric). So I went to a local thrift store and found a really cool bag for really cheap.

This is just a normal make-up bag, and it feels very silky to the touch. There is a zip able pocket on the front, and two zippers to open the main pocket. Its kind of like one of those you would use in like a gym for all your bath items. The inside is made with the same silky fabric and has two small sized pockets made of clear plastic.

This bag may look small, but trust me, it ain't. I can fit 7 sex toys, a ONE container of condoms, and toy cleaner in the inside. And three of those toys are in their original packaging and I still have room to fit more in their. Now, the outside pocket is what I used to store all of my batteries, and extra storage bags.

Now, this next bag, is actually a purse. I found five at a local yard sale and the idea popped in my head as soon as I saw them. These would be great for when you are going on vacation and don't want to take the whole collection, or just don't want them to be in your bag, just laying there. You never know what could happen. I didn't keep all five for myself; I gave one to each of my sisters, my mom and my boyfriend's sister (she is going to use hers for make-up).

This purse is made of a silky fabric on the outside and inside, and has a cute silky bow across the top. It has a snap button for easy opening and closing. This one is pretty small; you would lucky to be able to fit three average sized toys in the inside. If you had smaller ones, maybe four or five. But no one would really think twice seeing this bag in your real purse or over night bag.

Now this post isn't just about saving money or stop you from other storage containers. It was just to inform you that are other ways to store your toys, and you will also be helping out you community this way too.