Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blueberry Buzz Review

I received my first product from Babeland called the Blueberry Buzz by California Exotic Novelties. I have decided to start this review with talking about the packaging. The packaging is made of plastic, and where the toy is placed, you can feel the shape of the toy. On the front of the packaging, it has the name of the toy in big writing. On the lower right side it has the features of the toy listed out. Everything that is on the front is also one the back, followed by the warning, and its intended use. OK, now to the main event. The Blueberry Buzz about 7 inches, from tip to cap, of heaven, and has about 6 ¼ inches of insert able length. this vibrator is completely made of plastic, which is non-porous and phthalate-free material with a firm, and smooth texture. The Buzz is somewhat see through, so you can see all of the mechanical components. There are three bumps at the top of the shaft and a small bump at the bottom. The last one really didn’t do much for me, but if you have tight muscles, then you maybe able to feel it. But the top three, you should have no problem feeling. The vibration is focused completely in the tip of the toy, but can be felt throughout the whole thing. To turn this baby on, the bottom is half of the cap, which twists between low and high. The buzz takes two AA batteries. To put in the batteries, you untwist the cap, slide the batteries positive (+) side first, and twist the cap back on. She is waterproof, so make sure that the cap is on as tight as you can. To clean this beauty, it just takes a few easy steps. You should always remove the batteries first, and you can clean her with antibacterial soap and hot water, or even by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol. Storage is also easy; you can leave the toy in the original packaging or put in your personal storage container. You should remove the batteries when you are not using the buzz. My experience with the blueberry buzz has been great in and out of the water. The vibration is very strong, even at low, but is not loud at all. I like the fact that you can see through here. Before even using the toy, I get hot just watching the mechanics spinning. the length of the shaft is perfect for me, not too short, not too long. I recommended this toy to all the women out there; single, married, and have kids. This is the perfect product to relax at the end of the day. If you have kids; this is waterproof, so you can have some fun in the shower or bath, without the kids. Provided by Babeland for free for review