Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Arrive soon!!!

I always dreamed of being the first children in my house to have a baby. While, that dream went out the window 18 weeks ago. MY SISTER IS PREGNANT!!!!!! It was a big surprise when she told all of us. She had gone to plan parenthood to get on birth control, and you know how they do pregnancy test before hand. It came up positive, and my sister freak out. She was so afraid what my mom and dad would do and say.

When she came home, and told everyone, my mom began to cry. She wasn't mad or anything, but my dad kind of was at first. Her and my parents had the talk about what they were going to now and all that stuff. What was really cool, the next the baby's daddy went and sold his PS3 to have money to go buy outfits. He was nice about that, but now he isn't around at all.

My mom started going crazy with buying stuff the second she got money to do it. This baby will not wear the same outfit EVER!!!! She has bought everything, but diapers and wipes, so far. It seems like there will be nothing left for people to buy and give her at her baby shower. LOL!!!

Now it is 18 weeks later, and things are good for my sister. The morning sickness is gone, she eats all the time, and she is more excited. On the 17Th of this month, we found what the sex of the baby is, and IT'S A BOY!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! His name will be Hunter Lee Stewart.

Then yesterday, my sister felt something on her side, and it hurt her. My mom said it was him kicking, and my sister was all excited, she even wrote it down in the baby book we got her. I can't to be able to feel him doing that. He even gets my sister up before 10 am. now, too. My sister hates it.

I'm so happy for my sister, and can't wait to meet my nephew. And can't wait to have kids of my own someday.


Mistress Kay said...

I'm so excited for you. That's really awesome! :)

deadpoet said...

thank you