Friday, June 4, 2010

For Your Pleasure Party

Today was the day of my toy party, that my sister hosted for my 21st birthday. This was the second party that we have had by For Your Pleasure, and it was a blast. I don't think I have had this much fun in a very long time.

For Your Pleasure is a novelty shop on line and you can host parties. Well I guess that is a dumb statement. They have over 1,200 items, all ranging from very discreet to way out there. They even have lingerie and gag items. Each consultant conducts parties differently, depending on the group of people, and the environment it is held.

Our consultant this evening makes like a party "menu" of the items she will be showing to the hostess and their guests. She is even has games, in a way, to break the ice. The first game is a sexual alphabet game, where you come up with a word for the letter that she shows. The person with the most cards at the end wins a prize. The second game is a question, answer game. With every question you ask, you get a ticket and at the end the hostess pick one, then that person wins a prize.

It was really cool to have all my friends come and enjoy themselves. AND THEY BOUGHT ME GIFTS!!!! which is really cool. I received bath salts, Just in case 2, a fang necklace, and One condoms. They were all so cool and I was so grateful to my friends for doing that.

Thank you to all the people that were able to show and can't wait to have another party..

have safe fun!!!