Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pretty in pink

Ok, as some of you may or may not know, I'm not that small in size. So trying to find something sexy to wear is a NIGHTMARE!!! Most of the time it is so expensive, I just think what is the point. But when it's free, it's AWESOME!!!!

While back, one of my sisters friend's was going through her clothes, and so she brought them over so I could go through them and take what I wanted. Then I saw this hot pink, and mesh lingerie top. I fell in love with it right then and there. I went in the bathroom and tried it on, and to my surprise it fit and was even a little too big...YEAH!!!! So, I kept it.

After a while, I thought how gross it was to have something like that, but then I saw it still had the tag on it. So I felt a little better, and then even better when I talk to her about it. She had never wore it, but to try it on at the store.

Now to the item at hand. The top part is made from a rayon, nylon, metallic, polyester blend. The fabric has a smooth satin feel, and is hot pink in color with black lace. The body is a nylon, spandex blend, and there is three hooks in the back. The velvet straps are adjustable and it feels like there are no straps to begin with. This sexy lingerie comes in a set, with a mesh thing. ME, personally, I didn't take them, and I can't stand things.

I thought it would be nice to buy the same outfit again, but the store does not carry it anymore... so sad. But they do have others that I am investing in.

Have safe fun!!!!